Swimming Pool Liners for Sussex and Kent

Working from our swimming pool shop on Blackbrooks Garden Centre near Battle we install swimming pool liners throughout Sussex, Kent and beyond. We work on domestic swimming pools, school pools and commercial swimming pools like schools and holiday parks. If you need to discuss a leaking swimming pool, refurbishment or pool re-line please telephone us on 01424 870505 or e-mail us via the contact us page.

Pool Liner Fitting Service

This slideshow represents just some of the liner changes we have installed in East Sussex & Kent.
We can fit a liner on any sized swimming pool, just ask for an estimate. 

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Details of these projects can be found in our Pool Liner Gallery


Few people will tackle fitting a pool liner themselves so choose 1066 Pools to look after the whole job for you. We have the experience, specialist equipment and are a reputable local company.

We are approved by Trading Standards in their Buy with Confidence scheme and are fully insured.

out door domestic swimming pool liner

Liner Patterns and Grades

Domestic swimming pool liners come in two thicknesses. Traditionally most liners were 20 thou (thousandths of an inch) thick, now known as 0.5mm liners. However most people now choose the stronger 30 thou, 0.75mm thick liners. Indeed many liners are now only available in 0.75mm.

In addition to choosing the grade of liner there is a huge choice of patterns or combinations of plain material with a "tile band" pattern around the top water line part of the liner.

indoor swimming pool with new liner fitted

Swimming Pool Liner Patterns

swimming pool liner patterns

Swimming Pool Tile Band Liner Patterns

liner tile band patterns

The tile band patterns above are usually combined with one of the plain colours.
You can choose nearly any combination to suit your pool surroundings or personal taste.
We usually have samples on display in our pool shop - just contact us to arrange a time to come in and discuss your new swimming pool liner, we work in most of Sussex and Kent.

Click any liner pattern for larger view. 

Swimming Pool Tileband and Floor Liner Patterns

swimming pool liner patterns for wall and floor

Swimming Pool Liner Plain Colours

plain swimming pool liner colours

Fitting a swimming pool liner is not a straight forward job. Pool liners are factory made to be smaller than your pool so they stretch into place. We use a special vacuum for this and where possible use temporary water storage tanks to save good pool water and / or speed up the filling time.

Consider carefully before measuring and fitting a pool liner yourself, also think carefully about buying from one place and using a "self employed" fitter who comes from out of the area and may not make return corrective visits if required.
1066 Pools measure, supply and fit the liner, you only have to deal with us. We are Trading Standards Approved and have the right equipment. Pool liner examples can be seen here.

On Site Heavy Duty Lining Systems

on site extreme swimming pool lining

In some cases the usual 0.5mm and 0.75mm swimming pool liners are not suitable and a more advanced solution is required. Known as Extreme, On-Site, Delifol, Alkorplan or Commercial Swimming Pool Lining this system uses 1.5mm reinforced material that is welded together by an expert team.

As the material is shaped and welded on site very complicated pool shapes and steps can be lined. The system is also suitable for pools where high temperatures are preferred.

  • Reinforced 1.5mm thick.
  • 10 year guarantee up to 90 deg F.
  • Hard wearing for pools with heavy use.
  • Can be installed all year round.
  • Non-slip available for steps, shallow and "beach" areas.
  • Suitable for domestic pools, commercial pools, school pools, holiday parks, hotels and even hydro therapy pools.
on site extreme swimming pool liners curved steps
commercial school swimming pool liner

Large Pools, Schools and Holiday Parks

This tough, hard wearing PVC material is 1.5mm thick and re-inforced with an internal webbing. This gives it both the strength and durability to withstand the highest expectations of the most heavily used public pools, and the quality of finish to transform any domestic pool.

The material is brought to site, cut and tailored to match the individual contours of your pool. The pool lining is made up and the over-lapped edges fused together using specialised hot-air welding equipment. Once thoroughly tested, the seams are then finished with a liquid PVC. Secured around the perimeter of the pool floor, the material is not bonded directly to the pool structure. This allows it to absorb any movement in a flexible or cracked shell making it the ideal and risk free choice for new pools or the refurbishment of old leaking concrete and tiled pools.

Contact 1066 Swimming Pools about Swimming Pool Liners 

1066 Pools will replace your swimming pool liner, we offer a full service that includes measuring for a new pool liner, surveying the pool equipment, fitting the liner and re-filling the pool. We mostly fit new swimming pool liners near Battle, Bexhill, Hastings, Rye, Tenterden, Eastbourne, Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge and Uckfield. Our swimming pool liner service covers all of East Sussex, Kent and beyond.