Combining the characteristics of both swimming pools and hot tubs our Swim Spas give the best of both worlds. They provide the fitness and exercise benefits of a swimming pool with the relaxation, therapy and all year round use luxury of a hot tub or spa. We deliver and install swim spas through all of East Sussex and Kent, we can also arrange supply in all other areas of the UK.

top view of swim spa from 1066 Pools
  • Starting at £10980.00 these Swim Spas are outstanding value. Unlike some other swim spas these are Catalina Spas, made in America each with a peace of mind 10 year warranty.
  • The finish and attention to detail on these swim spas is outstanding. Tiled water line features and swim lane marker, bench seating & massage seats for up to 11 people, Balboa controls.
  • Pro Swim system with each spa. Enhancing the endless swimming current this tethered swimming aid keeps powerful swimmers challenged but also lifts less confident swimmers.
  • All our swim spas can be specified to your own requirements. Regular upgrades include enhanced massage jet options, increased colour changing LED lights and the automated SPA-KLE water treatment system.
  • The Marathon 18/3 and 18/5 models have two temperature zones. This means that a comfortable temperature for swimming and exercise can be maintained at one end and usually a much warmer temperature set in the hot tub end for total relaxation.

Choose from our extensive range below, or call us for other options, models and configurations:


swim spa pro swim system

The Best of Both Worlds

Combining hot tub relaxation and ease of use with the health benefits of swimming Swim Spas are a focal point for fun; the warm inviting water is yours to enjoy whatever the season and whatever the weather.

Underwater lights and attractive optional perimeter lighting make night time swimming a wonderful experience. Whether you’re entertaining friends, exercising, playing with the kids or simply floating on a lounger, a Catalina Swim Spa is the ultimate home and family accessory.


Pro Swim System

The Catalina Pro Swim System is a tethered swimming aid designed to improve the way you swim. This training and exercise aid provides resistance and helps correct your swimming posture, it allows you to swim in place comfortably and produces no unnatural resistance. The Pro Swim also helps lift the bather making it ideal for children or for less confident swimmers. With the Pro Swim System, even the best swimmer will find it impossible to out swim it!

The video shows the Mardi Gras being delivered and in use. Many of the features shown are on all the Celebration swim spas.

Catalina Celebration series hot tubs
swim spa sunk into floor swim spa sunk into decking

Swim for Health & Enjoyment, Relax in a Quality Swim Spa

It is a fact that swimming and water aerobic exercise are some of the best methods of muscle toning and building your body’s strength. Swimming is frequently used as an exercise in rehabilitation after injuries or for those with disabilities.

Swim spas provide the ideal solution and an alternative to traditional swimming pools, allowing you to go swimming from your own home without the need of a large swimming pool and all of the associated costs.

Catalina swim spas keep running costs down. The ‘Thermo Pane Insulation System’ uses only the best high density foam insulation spray applied to the reverse of the swim spa shell and plumbing. The back of the mahogany cabinet is fitted with Radiant Guard™ high performance insulation. Each Catalina swim spa is pre-plumbed ready for the Catalina ECO Heat option that uses heat pump technology to heat the swim spa and reduce running costs by up to 70%.


Catalina Spas 10 Year Warranty
Enjoy your hot tub from 1066 Pools
 Peace of Mind Warranty

All of the Celebration Swim Spas have been hand built in California to the highest standards using only the finest materials, with a perfect balance of relaxation and entertainment features. Our spas are built to give you years of trouble free enjoyment and all come with the unique Catalina 10 year warranty (terms & conditions apply).