Hot Tub Hire / Spa Rental Usage Instructions

Filling Up

  1. Remove the filter and put a normal garden hose pipe just inside the pipe where the filter was screwed in, this helps prevent air locks. Fill the hot tub to about 10cm / 4 inches from the top. When full remove the hose pipe and replace filter.
  2. Keep the water level above the highest jet and so the filter is covered.
  3. Do not over fill or water will spill over when people get in. 

Starting the Hot Tub

  1. Plug in the hot tub when it is full of water. 
  2. After a few moments the hot tub will show “Pr” for Prime. (If the display stays blank, the trip inside the bottom of the hot tub door may require resetting.)
  3. Press the Jets button: the pump should start in low speed. Press the Jet button again to move up to high speed and again to switch the pump off. If you are getting good water flow the pump is now primed. Repeat if needed. A persistent air lock can be solved by temporary removing the filter or phone for advice.
  4. Press the Warm or Cool button to set the temperature you would like, typically between 35 to 38 degrees C.
  5. The hot tub will now run a test for a few minutes and then start heating.
  6. Put the cover on and secure it in place. 

Treat the Water

  1. Chlorine needs adding and pH needs adjusting to keep the water safe.
  2. Test and treat the water every day, more if the tub is heavily used.
  3. Test the water and add chemicals while the pump is running to mix up the water.
  4. Use a test strip and note the chlorine and pH levels.
  5. For chlorine keep in the “spa OK” range of 3 -5.
    If needed add about 2 - 4 teaspoons of chlorine powder, test again 10 minutes later.
  6. If there is still a low chlorine (or no reading) add chlorine powder again as above. It can be that the chlorine is being used up cleaning the water so you may need to repeat this a few times until you get a steady reading.
  7. For pH level stay in the “OK” range of 7.2 – 7.8.
    If the pH is low add pH+ to bring the level up.
    If the pH is high add pH- to bring the level down.
    If needed add about a tablespoon of pH adjuster, test again 10 minutes later.
  8. It is unlikely you will need to adjust the Total Alkalinity or Stabilizer 

Stay safe with chemicals

    • Read the safety instructions on each container.
    • NEVER mix chemicals
    • Always add chemicals into the hot tub, never add water to a chemical.
    • Keep chemicals away from children.

Detailed instructions are on each pack, please do refer to these or phone us at any time. 

Clean the Filter

  1. After heavy use or every couple of days the filter must be cleaned.
  2. Turn of the spa. Unscrew the filter and rinse down the pleat lines with a hose spray. Soak in diluted Filter Cleaner if still dirty and rinse again.
  3. Refit the filter (do not screw in tight) and start the spa. Check for air lock.

Hot Tub Controls

  1. “Jets” controls the pump through low speed, high speed and off. If the hot tub wants to heat or filter the water it will automatically turn on low speed.
  2. To set the temperature: Use the Warm or Cool buttons to set the temperature you want. The display usually shows the current temperature, by pressing Warm or Cool the set temperature will be displayed.
    The tub heats up about 1½ degrees per hour. Keep the lid on or it will not heat up.
    Occasionally the display may show “- -“, this is while it is running a test.
  3. Air Control (round knob on spa top): When the pump is on high use the air control to choose just water coming out of the jets or water mixed with air.
  4. Light: Press once to turn on or off. The light slowly changes colour by default. If you want different settings turn the light off and straight back on again. There are several settings. 

Poor Water Quality ?

  1. Clean the filter & test the water. Adjust pH to the lower part of “OK” test strip range. Re-check the chemicals after an hour or so, chlorine may be used up. Repeat as needed.
  2. After use the tub needs 2 / 3 hours to filter the water.
  3. Still poor water quality? Use a sachet of “Energise”: turn pump on full, sprinkle in whole sachet, leave pump on full and lid open for 15 minutes. Return pump to low speed, replace cover and leave for an hour or two. Clean the filter once or twice in this time.
  4. Water is filtered by the pump on low speed: either while heating or in a 2 hour filter cycle every 12 hours. This can be increased if needed: Press Warm then Jets. Use Warm & Cool buttons to adjust the filter time (F2=2 hours, F4=4 hours, FC= filter continuously). Press Jets to confirm the setting.
  5. Change the water. Turn of the hot tub. Open the door and drain the tub using the hose inside. After changing the water you will need to wait for the tub to re-heat, max 24 hours. 

Drain the Spa Ready For Collection to avoid pump out charge !

  1. Drain down can take 2 – 3 hours so start the night before or first thing in the morning.
  2. Most of our rental spas have a drain hose inside the door, turn spa off before draining.
  3. If your spa has no drain hose, use a short length of hose to siphon out the water. With one end on the ground or down a drain hold the other end against a jet (use pump on high) to get the siphon going. Turn off the spa, keep the hose below water. 

Stay Safe

It is your responsibility to behave safely, ensure guests do too and maintain the spa water to prevent infection. 1066 Pools Ltd accept no liability for accidents, damage, loss or illness.

  1. Children should be supervised by a responsible adult at all times.
  2. If in any doubt about using a hot tub consult your doctor: people with heart disease, circulatory problems, diabetes, or blood pressure problems should obtain their doctor’s advice before using a hot tub. Leave the hot tub if sleepy or uncomfortable.
  3. IF PREGNANT: Soaking in hot water can cause foetal damage. Pregnant women should seek medical advice before using a hot tub.
  4. Do not use the hot tub after drinking alcohol or drink alcohol while in the hot tub.
  5. Do not bring glass into the hot tub area.
  6. Do not put any soaps or oils in the tub. This causes damage and causes a slip hazard.
  7. Always attach the hot tub lid in position when not in use. This keeps in heat and helps prevents accidents.
  8. Do not allow anyone to put their head below water level, there is a risk of hair entrapment and drowning. Long hair should be securely tied up.
  9. Do not climb on the spa sides or on the spa lid as damage and injury could occur.
  10. WATER ATTRACTS CHILDREN: do not allow them unsupervised access. 

The above instructions are a minimum, you must use common sense and take reasonable precautions.

Please refer to the agreed terms on your booking form and 1066 Pools Ltd Terms & Conditions.