Hot Tub Hire Booking Form & Check List

Please read through this Check List and then complete the form at the end. You will need to phone with card payment for your non-returnable booking deposit to confirm your booking.

A) Check you agree to these terms:

  1. One person from 1066 Pools will deliver and collect. You must provide at least one fit and able adult to help move the hot tub. If no help is provided 1066 Pools will either not deliver or charge an extra £25.00 per delivery or collection. Re-delivery is chargeable.
  2. You will be shown the spa controls and how to start filling. Full instructions and a help line number are provided. If you need the delivery person to wait while the tub fills and then explain the operation there is a £50.00 extra charge as some hoses are very slow!
  3. On collection day the spa should be drained out ready to be moved. If 1066 Pools has to pump the spa out there is a £25.00 charge.
  4. The hot tub needs about 24 hours to heat up for first use.
  5. It is your responsibility to keep the water clean and safe, and behave safely see (H). 

B) Check You Are Happy to Look After the Water:

  1. We supply water treatments for the duration of the hire. Test and treat the tub every day, this is very important to prevent infections. Full instructions are provided.
  2. The hot tub has a re-usable filter which will need regular cleaning. 

C) Check that the hot tub can be wheeled into position:

  1. On delivery and collection day ensure parking and access for a van & trailer.
  2. The hot tub is usually wheeled on a trolley around the house on its side.
    Required width is 76cm / 30 inches. Make sure this clearance is available from floor to the maximum height, look for pipes, steps, windows etc. [Actual spa height=29½”].
  3. The minimum required height for the spa on the usual trolley is 193cm / 76 inches. Look for overhead wires, branches, drain pipes, gutters etc.
    [Octagonal spa actual size 75” across corners, 69½” across flats, trolley 6” high].
  4. If there is a corner to be turned ensure clearance for the hot tub to swing around.
  5. If the planned route includes steps, rough ground, gravel, slopes or any other challenges please seek our advice before booking. 

D) Check where you will position the hot tub:

  1. The hot tub needs a flat and level surface, at least 180cm / 71 inches square.
  2. An existing patio is usually a good choice.
  3. If placing on decking make sure the deck can cope with the weight: The filled hot tub is about 1000 Kg plus people in and around the tub.
  4. A grass area is not ideal but if it is level boards can be put down (customer’s responsibility) to prevent mud. We may have boards to borrow, arrange in advance.
  5. Most hot tubs are used outdoors. However if you plan to have the tub indoors please plan for splashed water and how a heavy hot tub will effect your floor. 

E) Check You Are Happy with the Payment Terms:

  1. We require a non-returnable booking deposit to be paid by credit / debit card.
  2. If for any reason the hire is cancelled or can not proceed (for example the hot tub can not fit into your garden or there is nowhere suitable for it) then the booking deposit will be retained by 1066 Pools Ltd.
  3. The balance will be payable either by the same card, cheque or cash before the start of the hire. Payment will be required before the hot tub is unloaded.
  4. Any costs relating to the terms in (A), damage, loss, non-return or other expense incurred by 1066 Pools Ltd will be charged to the payment card used to pay the booking deposit.

F) Check the Water Supply & Drainage:

  1. Make sure you have a connected and working hose pipe ready to fill the hot tub.
  2. Make sure you can drain out the hot tub to a near by point (drain or direct onto ground). 

G) Check the Electrical Supply:

  1. Check you have a suitable 13 Amp plug socket no more than 10m / 30 foot from the hot tub position. We will supply a connection lead. [actual cable 14m]
  2. The plug socket must be in good condition and be able to supply a full 13 Amps.
  3. Check how the cable will run from the socket to the hot tub. The tub stays on 24 hours per day so if the lead passes through a window it will need to stay open! 

H) Check For Safety:

It is your responsibility to behave safely, ensure guests do too and maintain the spa water to prevent infection. 1066 Pools Ltd accept no liability for accidents, damage, loss or illness.

  1. Children should be supervised by a responsible adult at all times.
  2. If in any doubt about using a hot tub consult your doctor: people with heart disease, circulatory problems, diabetes, or blood pressure problems should obtain their doctor’s advice before using a hot tub. Leave the hot tub if sleepy or uncomfortable.
  3. IF PREGNANT: Soaking in hot water can cause foetal damage. Pregnant women should seek medical advice before using a hot tub.
  4. Do not use the hot tub after drinking alcohol or drink alcohol while in the hot tub.
  5. Do not bring glass into the hot tub area.
  6. Do not put any soaps or oils in the tub. This causes damage and causes a slip hazard.
  7. Always attach the hot tub lid in position when not in use. This keeps in heat and helps prevents accidents.
  8. Do not allow anyone to put their head below water level, there is a risk of hair entrapment and drowning. Long hair should be securely tied up.
  9. Do not climb on the spa sides or on the spa lid as damage and injury could occur.
  10. WATER ATTRACTS CHILDREN: do not allow them unsupervised access.

 Please read through the Check List and then complete these details.


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