Swimming Pool Liners for Homes in Sussex & Kent

Below are examples of liners we have fitted to give information about how the projects progress.
Our main page about swimming pool liners can be found here pool lining.

Panel Pool with Aluminium Copings in Sevenoaks 


This pool was a typical "Buster Crabb" pool (some times also know in the UK as a "Duncan Goodhew") which has aluminium metal coping "stones" around the top and walls made from a panel system. Typically these pools have an Aquagenie skimmer and inlet arrangement and quite often no main drain.

The old liner had become very brittle, faded and was pulling away from underneath some of the pool surround. 

pool liner sevenoaks

Quite often when an old pool liner is removed the old floor screed needs repairing. In this case several areas needed to be patched and then a liner underlay was used. Pool felt was used to make an improved finish and also protect the swimming pool liner.

 underneath pool liner floor damage

When all the preparation is complete the new liner is fitted. In this case the pool liner is an overlap type that is held in place by a blue strip and the copings.

We often use a  "Portapool" that is a temporary water storage tank that fills up while we remove the old liner and make any pool repairs that are needed. The water can then be pumped into the pool.

1066 Pools also use a liner vacuum that is a special piece of equipment to help stretch the liner and hold it in place while the pool is filling. 

 new pool liner being fitted

When the water is deep enough the liner vacuum can be switched off and removed, the storage tank removed and the site tidied.

This liner was plain blue all over, but we can supply many different patterns, samples are available.

The pool is pictued here with the new liner fitted and a hose pipe bring up the level. 

 new swimming pool liner Kent

On-Site Heavy Duty Liner in Etchingham


Pools made of a "marbelite" construction are very common in the South East and quite often have an area around the water line of inset mosaic tiles. Over the years these tiles start to come away and sometimes the pool developes cracks too.

With these types of pool (especially when they are shaped and have walk in steps and on-site welded, heavy duty liner is ideal. Liner brand names such as Extreme, Alkorplan and Delifol are this type of liner. 

swimming pool needing refurbishment
tileband tiles being removed repairing swimming pool to convert it to have a new liner
Here the old tiles are being stripped off and the surface repaired. Work was also required to the drain, pool return and light before the new liner could be fitted.
swimming steps liner fitting wall sections for on site swimming pool liner
1066 Pools use specialist teams to install the 1.5mm reinforced pool liner, this is a specialist job and carried out by teams who work extensively on swimming pool liners. Here the step treads have been covered with matching non-slip liner material and lining the walls is underway. Notice the pool liner going into the skimmer and the grey felt that acts as an underlay between the liner and old pool surface.
walk in swimming pool steps with liner fitted tile band effect around skimmer on swimming pool liner
With such a versatile system any shape of step can be covered with the pool liner and the patterns available give a very good representation of the tiled effect.
This pool was refurbished just as the first snow of winter began to fall ! An advantage of the on-site welded system over pre-made liners is that work can continue all year while thin liners can not be fitted in the cold. finished on site swimming pool liner

Replacement Pool Liner in Crowborough



This pool is a panel pool but with traditional stone copings. In this case the liner is held in place by being clicked into a special track called "linerlock". There are some side steps on the left and this picture shows the pool drained out just after the old pool liner has been removed.

empty swimming pool

The pattern chosen here is Persia Sand which is a super alternative to traditional blues.

The liner has just been hung from the liner lock track and the liner vac (with electrics under the yellow bucket to shelter from the rain!) is starting to suck the liner back against the pool walls. 

A hose pipe is in place to start filling the swimming pool and the large hose is from the temporary water storage tank further down the garden. 

pool liner just fitted showing liner vacuum and filling hose

The liner fitting vacuum has done its work as the pool liner has stretched into place.

With the water level now covering the shallow end the new liner is held in place and the flow fittings can be "cut in". This means fitting face plates to the skimmer, inlets and lights and then cutting the captured liner material away. 

starting to fill new liner for swimming pool

With the pool water rising the ladder can be re-fitted, the water treated and thankfully the sun has come out too! 

standard skimmer with pool lining