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  • Top quality American made hot tubs with generous warranties, from £3495.00.
  • All equipped with Ozone water purification and Dual Therapy system giving the classic whirlpool effect.
  • Five models each offering outstanding value for money.
  • Maintenance free Permawood cabinets and robust construction to give years of reliable use.

Range of Cove hot tubs and spas

Cove Hot Tubs


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  • European manufactured hot tubs with modern styling, exteremly comfortable seating and generous warranties, from £4495.00
  • Ozone water purification through the range and upgraded to Ultra Violet disinfection on the 645L.
  • Generous features like under-water multi-point colour changing LED lighting, flow diverters on larger models and multiple air controllers for personalised massage adjustment.
  • Maintenance free cabinets, solid floor pan and modern insulation for ease of ownership.

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Week End Hot Tubs


  • Combining the characteristics of both swimming pools and hot tubs our Swim Spas give the best of both worlds.
  • They provide the fitness and exercise benefits of a swimming pool with the relaxation, therapy and all year round use luxury of a hot tub or spa.
  • The built in river jet system enables you to swim against the current, perfect for exercising without the strain on your joints and muscles.

Swim Spas

Spa and Hot Tub Range

This slideshow represents just a few hot tubs and spas we have installed in East Sussex & Kent.

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