Hot Tub & Spa Gallery

Below are examples of hot tubs and spas that we have delivered and installed around East Sussex and Kent. We can also offer deliver to most other areas in the UK.

Our main page showing our hot tub range can be found here hot tubs.


hot tub in gazebo hot tub in back garden
spa with steps on paving hot tub sunk in decking spa in deck 
wooden sided spa in garden spa with trevi fountains
crane lifting hot tub hot tub spa with part deck surround
hot tub delivery by crane hot tub inside oak building
spa on covered patio hot tub with safety rail and steps
hot tub in east sussex spa lifted over house with crane
spa sunken into decking spa sunk into decking

We are quite often asked if a spa can be sunken down into decking. This is possible but needs some thought. Caution must be taken that if a spa is below floor level the area must not fill up with water and damage the spa.

Also thought needs to be given for maintenance access. In this case an area of decking could be lifted out and a support that would have stopped the hot tub door opening was removable as it rested in joist hangers. 

  hot tub sunk into decking
hot tub with view accros valley hot tub being lifted over house
hot tub delivery hot tub on its side using a trolley
The two pictures above and two pictures below show a hot tub being delivered in East Sussex. Not all spas are delivered like this but quite often this is the method. In this case the spa was an ex-demonstration model from a special offer, new spas come wrapped and packaged to protect them. The spa is delivered on a flat bad trailer behind a van so there is not usually problems with large trucks in residential roads.
The hot tub is then tilted off the trailer on to a special trolley. A total of four people is usually a good number (apart from larger spas) so two can be at each end.
Usually the critical measurement is the narrowest part of the journey, compare this to the height of the spa.
make sure the hot tub will fit through gaps before delivery   spa in Sedlescombe East Sussex after delivery