Hot Tub Relocation & Moving

  • At present (June / July / August 2020) we are not offering this service.
  • With the need for our staff to social distance and our current work load we have suspended hot tub moves.
  • We will review this again in the summer and hope to resume in the autumn.

1066 Pools are able to offer a Hot Tub relocation service. Whether it is from one side of your garden to the other, or to another property we are happy to supply you with a quote. We move hot tubs mostly in the South East of England, especially Kent and East Sussex.


Hot Tub Relocation And Move

Hot Tub Relocation And Move In East Sussex


We have our own specialist moving equipment which enables us to access most locations where we can manoeuvre a Hot Tub on it's side. If necessary we can install temporary ramps to negotiate steps and other obstacles as long as we have been informed before hand.

To get a budget estimate for a hot tub move use our quick form below.

For more complex hot tub moves please contact us to discuss your requirements by e-mail or phone 01424 870505.

  Spa Relocation And Move

For a budget price estimate please use the Quick Quote form below.

Or for a more detailed estimate use the Detailed Hot Tub Relocation Form.



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