Hot Tub Service & Repair in East Sussex & Kent

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Most Spa Brands Serviced

1066 Pools have experience with most brands of hot tubs and offer comprehensive repair and servicing.

Our 30 Point Hot Tub Service includes a full clean, water change, electrical and mechanical checks and a water chemistry check. Please contact us or pricing and details.

We are also experienced in Hot Tub repairs. However old or new your spa we are happy to help, you can talk to a hot tub engineer on the phone or e-mail us details and we can advise you.

Some faults can be fixed with one visit or if a larger spare part is required we will usually give you a detailed estimate before fixing the hot tub.


Parts Supplied for Most Hot Tubs

When you first look inside your hot tub you will find parts like the spa heater, hot tub pump, air blower and hot tub control pack. Most spa owners, heating engineers and electricians are not familiar with these but because we work on so many hot tub types we can usually supply (and fit) these parts.

Typical faults we fix are hot tubs that are not heating, error codes like Flow, FL and Dy. Quite often a spa may trip the power supply or make the electrical RCD trip. We can usually trace these to one faulty component, often the hot tub heater, ozone system or spa air blower.

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hot tub repair temporary water storage tank 

Save Water & Time with a Storage Tank

Quite often we need to empty the repair spa so to save time and water we can use a temporary water storage tank. In some cases if the spa water is hot only a few degrees of heat is lost as the warm water is pumped back into the repaired hot tub. 

We mostly repair hot tubs in East Sussex and Kent covering towns like Hastings, Battle, Bexhill, Rye and Eastbourne. 

 Spa Not Heating?

One of the most common repairs is to the heater on a hot tub. In this case a Balboa heater with M7 sensors is being replaced. We also replace Spa Builders, Gecko, Laing and other hot tub heaters.

Spa heaters are mostly 3kW but there are also some hot tubs with a 2kW heater, especially "plug in" spas.

Like the equipment manufactures we recommend replacing the whole assembly (not just the element) so that you have new sensors, new seals and new pressure switch. The cost is similar as it takes much longer to change just the heater element. 

 replacement spa heater

replacement hot tub pump

Leaking or Broken Hot Tub Pump?

All spas have at least one hot tub pump, many spas have a two speed hot tub pump that works the heater and the massage jets.

When a leak is seen to be coming from the spa pump this can be the pump seal which we can often change. Another common problem is the pump not starting on low speed but humming and getting hot. In this case do not leave the pump over heating but turn it off and call us!

Occasionally the whole hot tub pump needs to be replaced, we can give advice and cost options. 


Hot Tub Relocation and moving

There is a growing market in the the sale of second hand hot tubs and spas but transporting these is not always easy.

If you are buying or selling a pre-owned spa or second hand hot tub then we can help with moving the spa for you.

We have delivered many hot tubs and have the equipment and experience. Visit our
Hot Tub Relocation and Moving Page for more information.

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To make sure you enjoy clean, healthy spa water take advice from 1066 Pools. We stock the water treatment products you need, supply new filters and work on most types of spas.

Quite often people move into a new house and "inherit" a hot tub with their new property. We can visit to advise and show you how the spa works. This is usually on an hourly paid basis plus chemicals or parts that are required.


Let us know what you need via our Contact Us page.