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Garden Leisure Hot Tubs

Range Overview

Designed and made in the USA by one of the world’s leading hot tub manufacturers, Garden Leisure hot tubs unlock the power of hydrotherapy to soothe, relax, and recover your body. A modern and cutting-edge design joins robust American manufacturing with a sleek and smart finish.

For Every Household

With a good variety of size and power hot tubs, the Garden Leisure ranges is well suited to any household. Uniquely some hot tubs in the range are all seaters which are the perfect choice for large families and those who want to entertain guests. Wide lounger seats in other models also provide additional comfort and luxury.

Elegant Lighting

The lighting across the Garden Leisure range is elegant and subtle. Colour changing LEDs not only occupy the interior of the hot tub but also the exterior and behind the headrests as standard. 

All lights change in synchronisation and create a soft ambient glow that ensures a calm and relaxing environment. 

All jets are trimmed with stainless steel and each model is equipped with a cascading waterfall which enhances the feeling of luxury that comes with each Garden Leisure hot tub.

Efficient Energy

Energy efficiency also comes as standard. Full foam insulation, insulated cabinet panels and an insulated wrap surrounds the internal structure. Potential heat loss through the base of the hot tub is also guarded against with a purpose made tray that seals and protects the internal components. Energy saving and lower running costs can be assured with each Garden Leisure hot tub.

Extensive Warranty

Both plug and play or hardwired options are encompassed by the range, with one or two pump options avaliable. Garden Leisure hot tubs utilise equipment from market leading company Gecko, who stand at the forefront of product innovation in the industry. As with all our ranges Garden Leisure hot tubs are covered by an extensive warranty package, backed up by our experience and support should you need it.

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