Spring / Summer 2021 Wooden Pool Update

- 1066 Pools have paused taking enquiries and orders for wooden Pools. We will not install a wooden pool purchased elsewhere so our installation service is also paused.

- This is due to extended factory lead times and unstable prices, mostly the result in raw material supply issues.

- We are honouring existing orders and will review the situation Autumn 2021.

Why Buy Your Wooden Pool From Us?

  • 1066 Pools is a 'hands on' pool company with installation engineers who have built many of these pools themselves. That means we can offer you experienced practical support.

  • We are approved by Trading Standards in their Buy With Confidence scheme. This means we have been audited by Trading Standards and found to operate fairly, legally and to their high standards.

  • We are a fully insured company with a physical shop and permanent phone number (real address - not a PO Box & mobile number).

  • This quality wooden pool kit is manufactured by Plastica in England. They are one of the largest manufacturers of all types of pool equipment in the UK and have been making wooden pools for many years.

  • We work closely with the manufacturer and can offer bespoke sized pools and any combination of options you need on your swimming pool.

wooden pool installation assembly service made in the UK free wooden pool delivery to most UK addresses


How to Build a Wooden Swimming Pool

Most people who can turn their hand to DIY can assemble one of our self build wooden swimming pool kits. No specialist tools are required but we would recommend a decent battery drill with a set of driver bits. Detailed instructions and drawings are provided. We do have an assembly service if you would like us to do it for you!

We have built many of these pools ourselves so do ask any questions you may have.

prepare the base for your wooden swimming pool Prepare the base for your wooden pool. A concrete base is best. If you have a stretched octagon or rectangular pool there will be braces supplied that need setting in the base, drawings are supplied. Stack the planks in the middle of the pool area and form the first layer of planks.

assemble the wall planks of your wooden swimming poolSlot the planks together to build up the walls. Each plank is pre-cut and interlinks like a log cabin. There are holes pre cut for the flow fittings.

fit the swimming pool liner into your wooden structure Fit the swimming pool liner into the structure you have made with the wooden planks. The Eco wooden swimming pools come with felt underlay for the floor while the premium pools have foam underlay for the walls too.
Fill the swimming pool with your garden hose.

fit the ladders to your swimming poolWhen the pool is full fit the top shelf around the perimeter. The eco wooden pools have a soft wood top shelf while the premium wooden pools use a hard wood top shelf. Also fit the external wooden ladder and the internal stainless steel ladder.

connect the swimming pool pump and sand filterConnect the swimming pool pump and filter to the pool with the supplied pipe work kit. The eco wooden pools use flexible pipes for speed and cost effectiveness while the premium wooden pools have ridged swimming pool pipe for durability.

family playing in above ground swimming poolAll through the process of ordering, delivery and construction 1066 Pools are here to give you all the help you may need with your wooden pool project.
Once you have started to enjoy your pool we can still help with any questions you may have, we are a swimming pool company looking after many pools so have experience you can rely on.


Wooden Pool Questions & Answers 

There are many types of wooden pool available. Some are British made and others are cheaper imports. We have installed many of these pools all around the country so have met most questions before! Here we answer some of the wooden pool Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Why have I seen a wooden pool on another web site at a much cheaper price?

There are many web sites that are out of date and are still offering prices that are more than a year old. Some sites do not have a proper business address, just a mobile phone number and an e-mail address. If you are considering buying your wooden pool from one of these sites proceed with caution. On pools where support braces are required make sure these are included in the price, also find out which liner is being supplied.

Can I buy a wooden pool from a "high street" name web site or other on-line shop?

Some non swimming pool web sites do sell various types of wooden swimming pools. Ask yourself about support. When you are part way through building your wooden pool on a Saturday afternoon will you be able to get telephone advice from someone who knows about wooden pools? If you need an extra part will they stock it? When you are using the pool who will give advice about water treatment or parts? At 1066 Pools we have built many wooden pools and can give you experienced advice before, during and after your wooden swimming pool project.

Buying a Wooden Swimming Pool On-Line?

This is not a small purchase, before ordering a wooden swimming pool from a web shop ask yourself:
   •   Does the company provide a full postal address, company registration number and VAT number? These all help to ensure you are dealing with an experienced reputable supplier.
   •   Are there any delivery charges to be added to the advertised price?
   •   Does the company have a proper land line phone number (0800, 0845 numbers etc can be diverted to mobiles). Make sure you will be able to stay in touch!
   •   Can you pay by credit card? Although this is expensive for companies selling wooden pools (the card company takes a percentage) buying a swimming pool by credit card gives you the customer lots of protection.
   •   Does the company offer an installation service? Even if you build your own pool, a company that installs wooden pools can give you detailed phone support. Test this out by asking for swimming pool installation details on the phone.
   •   Are the prices up to date? Check the current price and availability.

Do I need a Concrete Base for my Wooden Pool?

It is recommended but the choice is yours. Concrete bases gives a firm, level structure that will not move over the years. It is possible to scrape away loose top soil and build your wooden pool without a concrete base but you will need to form a sand & cement floor inside to give a good floor finish. Where wall supports are needed we would always recommend a concrete base. Please do call us on 01424 870505 to discuss the options. We can supply the factory instructions in advance, these should be followed carefully and discuss the options in detail.

What about Metal Braces / Wall Supports?

Some of the wooden pools (mostly the stretched, rectangular and exercise swimming pools) need extra support to stop the water pressure bowing out the longer sides. All brands of wooden pools need these supports. The braces are placed in the ground when you make the base and then the pool wall is built up inside them.

How Long Will It Take Me To Build A Wooden Swimming Pool?

It is impossible to say how long it will take to get your garden ready! However when we build a pool it takes a two person team 2 - 3 days (depending on pool size and options) to build the wooden pool onto a ready made concrete base. A realistic goal if you are building one of these for the first time would be two people over two long week ends, excluding the concrete base.