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Dream Maker Quality and Value

The Dream Maker range offers the latest design layouts with a host of innovative features like the Super Seal cover and Smart Flow jets. Dream Maker hot tubs are produced to exacting quality standards, utilising the advanced manufacturing rotational moulding (roto-mould) process and state of the art technology.

Dreammaker spas give unbeatable value for money while incorporating industry renowned quality components and many of the same features found in the most expensive spa brands. 

Produced for Lasting Performance

Manufactured in North America all Dream Maker hot tubs come with an industry leading guarantee, please see the "Warranty" information tab for details.

Behind one side panel is the equipment bay that houses the pump, control pack, heater etc. Keeping the equipment together in one sectioned compartment making installation and any future servicing very easy.

The spa is energy efficient due to the one piece spa mould and is also very well insulated by superior Roxul Green Guard insulation. The spa insulation is wrapped in green plastic to stop any moisture reducing performance.

factory making Dream Maker hot tubs

insulation on Dream Maker hot tub
lady filling up Dream Maker hot tub with garden hose

Plug In, Fill Up, Enjoy ! 

  • Dream Maker hot tubs have a proper heater in all models NOT just a heat recovery system working from only the pump friction.
  • Dream Maker hot tubs have a 2 speed pump in all models NOT just a 1 speed pump.
  • Dream Maker hot tubs have 5 unique models in a range of colours.
  • With the exception of the 600L which requires a 20 Amp supply, Dream Maker hot tubs come with cable and a 16 Amp 'C Form' plug for extra safe installations*. However each spa takes a maximum of 13 Amps so you can choose to use a standard plug making sure the socket is secure and waterproof. In all cases the supply must be RCD protected. 

Features To Enjoy

Each Dream Maker hot tub comes with a waterfall feature that cascades into the spa giving a pleasing effect and the relaxing sound of water. The water fall flow can be adjusted. Behind the waterfall is a colour changing LED light to add extra mood to night time spa sessions.

Some lesser spas come with very small jets that can feel uncomfortable when you lean back on them. On Dream Maker hot tubs the Smart Flow stainless steel jets behave differently. As you lean back against the jet, part of the flow automatically diverts to the side flutes around the jet perimeter, still giving good massage but removing any harsh pressure.

Good water quality is essential to a healthy, enjoyable spa experience so Dream Maker hot tubs each come with Convex II filters featuring Microban technology and each Dream Maker is fitted with a water purifying ozone system.

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four people in Dream Maker hot tub

Affordable Luxury

On the "Specifications" information you will find full technical details of each Dream Maker hot tub, examine the details and we think you will agree with us that Dream Maker hot tubs are the market leaders in their class.

Affordable hot tub luxury that's light weight, modern, feature rich and easy to instal: contact us about Dream Maker today.