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30 Point Hot Tub Service

Tuesday, 27 January 2015  |  Admin
Hot Tub Service

Time For a Service?

Most of us book our cars in for an annual service, or when a certain mileage is reached a light on the dashboard reminds us the service is due. Our Hot Tubs need attention from time to time and as they generally run 24/7. It might be time to consider a service.


Assuming you regularly check your Hot Tub water chemistry and clean the filter, like your car, you probably don't give much thought to what lies behind the service panel. However there is a complex system working away day and night that includes pumps, blowers, mechanical seals, bearings, heaters and electronic controls. The water itself is also an important part of the system. Even with good water chemistry, Bio Film (a thin layer of microbes) can build up over a period of time on internal pipes and pump surfaces. If left untreated, this can lead to poor water quality even if the Hot Tub is drained and re-filled.

As with your car, if your Hot Tub is properly serviced, it can pay dividends in the long term. 1066 Pools have a 30 Point Check List that we use when undertaking a Hot Tub Service that covers all the important issues that need attention.


Our 30 Point Check covers items such as:

  • Bio Film eliminator treatment.
  • Complete mechanical equipment check.
  • Electrical supply safety checks.
  • Pump out, clean and re-fill Hot Tub.
  • Complete Function Test.
  • Final Water Chemistry Report.


30 Point Hot Tub Service

1066 Pools 30 Point Check List

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