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Pool Winter Checks

Friday, 23 January 2015  |  1066 Pools
winter cover over swimming pool

1066 Pools 4 Point Winter Check

In the middle of winter, we probably don't give much thought to the pool. However there are some simple winter checks that will help look after your pool and make opening up the pool in the spring much easier saving you both time and money.

 1. If you have a Winter Debris Cover make sure it's in good condition. Remember the worst of the winter is not over yet. Remove any debris or leaves from the cover, check the straps are secure and in place and that there are no rips or tears. A good cover will:

  • Keeps the vast majority of leaves and other dirt out of the pool.
  • Reduces the risk of frost damage.
  • Helps to protect the coping stones around the pool's edge.
  • By reducing the amount of sunlight (and debris) the water is less likely to turn green indicating a serious algae problem.

(We can provide spare fixings if some have been lost or damaged. If you haven't got a cover, consider the benefits for the remainder of this winter and for future seasons.)

2. Check the pH balance and free Chlorine levels of your pool and adjust if necessary. Keeping an eye on your pool chemistry through the winter means it will be easier and quicker to bring your pool back into use when the weather warms up. Don't forget, good chemistry isn't just to protect the swimmers, it also protects your pool and equipment from corrosion, scaling and other issues.

(Visit us in the shop for extra supplies of pH increaser/Reducer or Shock Chlorine. As well as granular shock we also stock liquid chlorine which mixes more easily, especially in colder weather.)

3. Check your plant room. Just a quick visual check to make sure nothing is amiss. Check for:

  • Broken pipes.
  • Fuel lines (Gas/Oil) are in good order.
  • Rodent damage.
  • Electrical supply is safe and intact.

(If anything is amiss, we would be happy to quote for repair. Also if you are considering an upgrade or refurbish of your installation, give us a call. We would be happy to quote)

4. Check the pool water level. Make sure the pool isn't over full. Or that the level hasn't dropped drastically.

(A drastic drop in water level could be indicative of a more serious problem. We can undertake investigative work if required. We can also quote for new liners and other specialist repairs.)